Mantik is a business consulting company based in Dubai, UAE. The company provides innovative strategies and solutions to expand and grow the businesses within the small to medium scale industry by delivering to their clients measurable results through business transformation.

The deliverables will be provided to 

  •  Digital Business Transformation Expert and co-owner of Mantik

The above mentioned shall have the final approval for all the deliverables of this project.

Mission Statement 

The company’s mission statement is stated below:

To help our clients achieve growth and successful futures through creative, sustainable and innovative transformations to their organization.”

Target Audience 

Mantik defined small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as their main target market. Below are the six industries they have determined:

  1. Urban Planning
  2. Real Estate
  3. Industrial Manufacturing
  4. Retail and Consumers
  5. Engineering and Construction
  6. Forest, paper, and Packaging


Key Issues

Mantik is a business solutions company and their website should build trust, gain clientele and expand their visibility and reach to the appropriate market.  Some of the key issues mentioned by the client are:

  • Lack of brand awareness to their intended market
  • Increasing visibility and reach to generate higher customer traffic to the website
  • Improve interactivity within the site
  • Enhance the site content by providing viable details and information to highlight the benefits when working with Mantik


  1. Mantik wants to gain a greater presence with its potential clients, highlighting values such as trust and work between its experts and clients. With Mantik’s project

experiences, their SEO website could be optimized with better distribution of content in sections related (i.e. Leaders’ thoughts, Blogs).

  1. The website does not have a defined line of content, but generally, in a few clicks, the system meets the Help and Documentation principle. An analysis of Personas will help create a clear navigation system.
  2. The site is not overloaded with information and follows clear reading patterns. Thus the site complies with the principle of Provide Flexible and Efficient Use as well as the Provision of User Control and Freedom
  3. The mobile version is friendly and quick to use, although some fonts are altered causing things like the company’s logo to change.


In order to generate strategic design proposals that increase the awareness of Mantik’s website, we will develop the following deliverables during the coming weeks:

  1. Personas / Research
    User research of the target audience will be part of the personas to analyze the preference of potential users.

We will define the actions to conduct this research with the advice and projection of our strategic partner for the project, Centennial College.


Personas will be built based on the current customers and the areas that the company is offering its services.

  1. Current State Analysis

We will perform an analysis on Mantik’s website based on the identified needs of users that will be determined in the Persona research. The Current State Analysis will be used to identify the present strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of Mantik’s website as well as its usability based on design Heuristic principles.

  1. Competitive Analysis
    We will analyze competitor websites and focus on areas we believe can be implemented on Mantik’s website. Six competitor websites will be analyzed and we will focus on design, number of steps, content types and amount of navigation items to measure the competitiveness.
  2. Recommendation
    Based on our research and evaluation, we will come up with high level proposals and recommendations to improve and address the key issues identified by Mantik. The recommendations will be based on the results of the evaluation that the Current State Analysis and Competitive Analysis will deliver. 

The deliverables of this project will have two iterations in these forms:

  • First Iteration – Initial project deliverables submitted to the client.
  • Second Iteration – Revised project deliverables submitted to the client for approval incorporating their feedback after the first iteration.

Suggestive Questionnaire for Mantik


Name: Jane Winterbottom

Location: Toronto, ON

Occupation: She is the director of operations and the co-founder of a small to medium sized demolition company that was founded two years ago. She intends to take it internationally, but fears it’s a bad time to invest. She has two careers and is concerned with every detail. She has visited the websites of consulting companies, but their services have not been convincing.


  • The website has different buttons directing to the same page.
  • I don’t know how to locate the necessary information that I need within a website.
  • There are response delays on my inquiries sent through websites.
  • I like to get information on new ways to improve my company, but I haven’t taken enough time to research.
  • I need a company that I can entrust my business with.


  • I need to have better communication at different levels within my company.
  • I need to find a better way to manage the new customers.
  • My business operations need to be more organized to maximize efficiency.
  • I am looking for useful information about companies that have the services I need.
  • I want to work with industry experts that can assess my business and provide actionable solutions.


What is the user journey? Where do you want users to start and end to accomplish what they need to accomplish, related to your message?


Jane is the director of operations and a co-founder of a start-up demolition company. She has been trying to expand her business internationally for a couple of months now but has struggled to find ways to make this goal a reality. While managing her business, she also has been preoccupied with her second job that has been helping her finance the start-up company. Juggling two careers has put a strain on Jane and as a result, she feels nervous about making any financial commitments further. She decides to gather more information and seek help from a business consulting company that will maximize her business’ growth potential. As well as, to get insights and strategies that will help move forward her plans of international expansion.

What do we want users to be able to do: 

  • Get quick response via chat box
  • Book a consultation with Mantik  
  • Suggest case studies based on their answers
  • Be able to get a free quotation

Experience We Want Users to Have:

  • A seamless or effortless navigation on the website
  • Guided experience through the interactive questionnaire
  • That Mantik is a trusted and well-equipped business to address their needs

Acceptance Criteria: (Done when..)

  • Users have been presented with case studies through the suggestive questionnaire
  • Users are confident with Mantik as a business consultancy company through case studies and reviews.
  • Users know the services that Mantik offers and the industry they serve.
  • Users have successfully booked a consultation appointment.
  • Users have successfully entered a request for a free quotation.


What is the engagement you want users to have, as they progress through their journey? How will you facilitate that engagement?


The user feels that her business is under a standstill so she is interested in learning how to expand and improve their business. (Starting Point) 

  1. The user searches for a business consulting company and finds Mantik.
  2. The user enters the homepage of Mantik. 
  3. While scrolling through the homepage, the user comes across a button for an interactive questionnaire.
  4. The user clicks on the button to explore more.
  5. The user answers the question “What industry are you working in?”
  6. On the same page, the user was asked “What kind of help are you seeking?”
  7. Then, the user will be asked another question to further personalize the result. 
  8. The interactive questionnaire then suggests case studies to the user based on their answers.
  9. The user clicks on the case studies and reads through the information about the process that Mantik took to solve the client’s issue.
  10. Once done reading through the case studies, the user is directed to three options on how to reach out to Mantik – schedule an appointment, and contact Mantik through phone call or via chat box.
  11. The user chooses to schedule an appointment to know more about Mantik and how Mantik can help with the business development.
  12. The user receives a confirmation email regarding their appointment schedule.(End Point)

Describe how users will engage with the interactive element to enhance engagement. What will they do? What will it add to the experience?

We want the user to feel more engaged since a business consulting firm website can be mainly informative, and reading all the content can be a one way information conveyance. We added an element of interactive questionnaire with suggestive features to interact with the user by asking them questions about their needs. Then, suggesting past case studies to increase the user’s engagement based on their answers. This will allow users to find specific information tailor-fit to their needs. After the questionnaire, the user will be directed to options of contacting Mantik at the end of this element. It can create a smooth way for the user to go from an online interactive element to the real-life connection of the business. 

Interactive Element/s: Interactive Questionnaire with Suggestive FeatureBased on the persona, we understand that the users are visiting the Mantik website to find information and seek help in order to address their business needs. We will be introducing an interactive questionnaire with a suggestive feature. The form will be asking a series of questions pertaining to their company and their business needs. Once the form has been answered, it will suggest case studies based on the answers the users have given. This approach will be personalized and tailored fit which users can find appealing and helpful.

With this feature, users can navigate the website with ease. This can also build trust with the users because they have presented case studies with actual clients. The user will then be directed to a page with three options of communicating with Mantik.